“Ocean Size”

Ocean Size Contemporary Painting by Artist David Chevtaikin

“Ocean Size”

Mixed Media on Canvas

Title: “Ocean Size”

Size: 58″ h x 58″ w

Provenance: Private Collection. Available for Exhibition.

Completion: David Chevtaikin ©2015

Shown: Artist Studio Tour

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

Large bold expressionistic black brush strokes attack the white and grey washed canvas like a wave crashing
on the rocks of a shore line. A few black drips travel in two different direction, up and down.
While a few bright pink fluorescent brush stokes make their mark, glowing from the sun, reflecting off the edge of the black brush waves pushing and pulling in different directions at sharp angle.

Colors: Pink, Black, White,  Grey,
Feel::  Bold, Water, Waves, Organic, Contemporary, Geometric, Modern, Ocean.