Cultural Social Satire is a rare form in deed. Concepts are abstract yet usually executed through comedy thru comedian’s or cartoonists. Rarely is the form a visual message delivered in a visual message as in fine art. Enter New York City artist David Chevtaikin.

On September 8, 2017 the artist sees a accidental shape in one of his abstract black and white paintings he previously painted a few weeks ago. Propped up against the wall with other paintings, he sees a figure popping out at him, and in amazement recognizes it as what he terms a “Basquiat Bart Simpson” which he parodies into a graphic image or cartoon figure he will wish to animate into a cartoon for theatrical enjoyment and touch on cultural and urban street or  concrete  jungle story lines.

Years ago David as a fine artist was working on figures or characters with a tribal urban abstract expressionist or outsider art influence he titles “Characters of Chaos” which he predicted he would develop into a full fledged animation in the near future.

At the same time in his fine art  his graffiti influnced stencil abstracts emerge in his black and white minimalist brush stroke paintings starting a whole new series and happily begins to embark on which the painting “Between Worlds” projects.

“Basquiat Bart Simpson” Cheeping along thru a Surreal Landscape.

  1. “Between Worlds” Artist David Chevtaikin

    *( Social media has facilitated the emergence of new forms of satire  and has allowed activists to assert, to both local and global audiences and in different registers, the integrity of a desired revolutionary aesthetic by confronting state of mind attempts to paint the revolution as nonsensical or devoid of meaning.)