Have you seen  Damien Hirst’s

Far Out Outer Space Landscape

Animal Ghost Beneath The Surface

Hirst’s “Treasure From The Wreck Of The Unbelievable?” Well American Artist David Chevtaikin’s works from his recent series “Far Out” is nothing like it. Conceived in the early summer of June 2017  Chevtaikin’s works explore his love for Sci-Fi and abstract grafitti strangely “exploreing new lives and new civilizations and  boldly going where no man has gone before”.

With outer worldly visions from outerspace or some surreal dimensions.  Contemplating Animal Ghost beneath the surface of some red gold leaf particle dust planet a human dark silhouette seemingly peers down below the surface where a strange ghostly meat shank of a glowing white ghosts.

Chevtaikin conjurers up these strange fantasy realms by combining images created from his vast experience in all mediums, tecqniques and stenciling of urban street life in reclaimed materials. Truly original visionary and just down right fun to behold.